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Wholistic Peer Support Counseling


If you have never been able to attend a class in peer counseling, or you would like to brush up on the skills you already have, or you have a friend or relative you would like to teach, here is your chance for easy, low cost training in your home!

These classes will be useful to anyone who wants to have more close, caring relationships. In these times of change, we can help each other effectively move through our emotions so we can keep thinking clearly, feel inwardly peaceful, have great relationships and stay healthy.

How can we best help our children, friends and family to stay emotionally healthy in this complex confusing world? How can we keep our cool while they are melting down and having emotional, irrational moments, and be really effective in helping them through it? The classes provide a thorough basic introduction to these skills. It will give you understandings and tools to more effectively support the dear ones in your life, in the moments they most need your help.

We focus especially on those skills which are simple, inexpensive and natural, including effective listening, counseling and self healing. For ongoing personal growth work, this is a great, life changing resource.

To get the most out of these classes, practice the skills in person by trading listening time with another person. Find a buddy to take the classes with you, and practice what you learned between each class. Actual practice is the most important way you will learn the concepts and skills taught in the classes.

2 hours of training on one DVD.  The image is recorded at a lower resolution to enable as much information as possible on one disk.

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