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Healing Your Inner Child

Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy addresses and heals the pain that many of us experienced as infants and in our birth process; especially the lack of enough skin to skin contact and breast feeding from our mothers after birth. Using soft background music and male and female voices, this recording takes you on a gentle inner journey that has powerful and deep healing potential. A version of inner child therapy, this session works with accessing the infant self and memories still stored in our deep subconscious and cellular memory. By using hypnotic induction, nurturing touch, invoking the Sacred, hearing another person's heartbeat and loving words, we open a direct channel back to that time and those experiences around birth. This session can be used when alone, or ideally with a friend or therapist, either male or female. The friend simply holds you close while you both listen. In this process your inner infant can release painful emotions as needed, enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction, bliss and love, and create new and more loving relationship possibilities. Treat yourself to this restorative and transformative experience. The session is 50 minutes long.

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