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This book outlines a simple and deeply therapeutic practice that can be done with friends or lovers, or as a solo practice by yourself.  It is a way of loving yourself and others deeply; reaching into areas of the most basic infantile needs and giving nurturing.

      It explores the need for healing and the negative effects of common western birth procedures.  For those who are new to therapy or counseling, the basics of how to do emotional release work, peer counseling, inner child work and role-playing are explored.  You'll find an explanation of the process of deep relaxation, hypnotic induction and regression, and spiritual invocation.

    Since the practice is so simple, anyone can do it, and people can easily exchange sessions with each other as a conscious form of nurturing and sharing.  The basic form can be used between friends, parents and children, clients and therapists, or to comfort someone who is ill or injured.


What People Say:

    "Taking the Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy class was a profound experience in and of itself. It caused such a degree of de-armoring, of "getting real," that it took my whole life and forced the moment to its crisis, so to speak. It laid bare whatever was not working authentically and also what was authentically true about me and my life. In less than 24 hours my vision, being so cleared, produced the action steps that provide the context for my destiny, if you will.  All the pieces fell into place perfectly and my understanding, too. It was so fast and amazing as to feel miraculous. I feel blessed by your presence and your class. "

    I. H, Seattle, WA



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